Diamond-Hosting.    An easy way to get a custom website for your small business.



Domain name – $5.00 – $25.00     (price varies depending on if you want your website a .com .org .net .club address etc)

Domains are leased on a yearly basis if you lease the domain name for longer then a year you can get a better deal. Example: $19.99/yr or 25.00/2yr

Initial website setup & Design – $75.00   one time fee

Monthly fee $15.00        (monthly fee is paying for the cost of the server, security updates, fixing your website if its broken)


Annual fee $120.00       (includes everything the monthly fee offers except at a cheaper price)

In total it will be roughly $120.00 to get your site up and running for the first month then just $15.00 a month after that


Please include your phone number in the message so I may contact you.

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I started Diamond-Hosting to help small local businesses get websites. I noticed a lot of small companies in the Greater Salt lake city area didn’t have them, when I google searched their business I would find nothing. These days its necessary to at least have a basic website with contact information and pricing so customers can find you.

I’m currently a college student and work full-time. I’m a certified Network, System and Linux Administrator.

I wanted to be able to help small businesses in my area get a basic website at an affordable price, and working on websites is a hobby of mine.